Land use, administrative, and regulatory attorneys - Charleston, SC


Administrative Law Court Cases

WGFL attorneys handle cases in the Administrative Law Court system in South Carolina.  For example, many permit appeals such as dock permits, marina permits, critical area permits, landfill permits, and alcohol license permits are handled at the administrative or board level and then can be further appealed to the administrative law court.  The significance of the issuance of a single permit can be substantial for the party seeking the permit or for those opposing the permit.  The attorneys at WGFL handle these permitting matters at the initial permitting stage and through the appeals process to the Administrative Law Court, the South Carolina Court of Appeals and the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Zoning, Planning Commissions, Boards of Zoning Appeals, Boards of Architectural Reviews

WGFL attorneys handle a wide range of development approvals and appeals, including zoning issues, planning commission matters, and matters before boards of architectural review. These matters typically begin at the local staff level but can end up in local courts and state appellate courts.  We are focused on helping clients reach efficient solutions to their development plans but are also prepared to go the distance in those situations where the stakes are high and the courts are necessary.

Utility Rate Cases

The South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates utility and transportation companies in South Carolina.  WGFL attorneys represent utilities in regulatory matters before the PSC, including all filings and proof necessary when a utility seeks an increase in the rates it is permitted to charge in a particular service area.  Our team also handles appeal cases for parties seeking appellate review of decisions of the PSC.  WGFL approaches this unique area of practice by working in cooperation with regulatory agencies while remaining ever mindful of the client’s specific needs.