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Taking a case to trial involves cost and risk for all parties involved.  In an effort to more efficiently approach resolution of disputes outside the courtroom, lawyers and judges have been working together with litigants to devise creative ways to resolve disputes.   By far the most common method is mediation which involves a neutral party working with the litigants in an attempt to settle the dispute.  Also, many contracts require arbitration of disputes.  

While we enjoy handling cases in litigation through trial and also appeals, our attorneys recognize the value of alternative approaches and are skilled in navigating clients through mediations and arbitrations. In every case we consider every option available to bring our clients to their desired result.    

Our team at WGFL approaches mediation and arbitration proceedings with the same attention to details that is the signature of our trial work.  We work diligently to present and defend cases before single and three-judge arbitration panels and we are able to effectively tell our clients’ stories at mediation.    

Courts increasingly require mediation of all lawsuits prior to trial and many contracts require arbitration of disputes.  Also, parties sometimes jointly seek to have a case decided by a special referee in a more informal setting.  Collectively called “alternative dispute resolution,” these methods of dispute resolution are now mainstream and can be effective, efficient tools for bringing disputes to a close.   

In addition to representing clients’ interests in arbitrations and mediations, both Trenholm Walker and Tom Gressette serve in the role of mediator. Both of these lawyers have their own creative approaches to helping lawyers and their clients resolve complex as well as emotionally charged cases.  Please contact Trenholm Walker or Tom Gressette if you have questions about how they might help you by serving as a mediator, arbitrator, or special referee.

G. Trenholm Walker

Thomas P. Gressette, Jr.